Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus shelter advertising

Ohio Shelterall, Inc.

The only company in Ohio providing free bus shelter protection for school children, while also providing a cost effective bus shelter advertising program for businesses. While some people have called our shelters sheds, bus sheds, bus shanties and bus shelter houses, they may not know that our buildings meet state building codes for wind and load resistance. They are durable 18 gauge steel buildings bolted to 3,000 lbs. of prepoured concrete. Since 1960 businesses have found bus shelter advertising a great public relations tool and an effective way to promote their products and services and you can too.

About Us

Ohio Shelterall Inc./Moore Signs operates in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia to provide bus shelter protection at no cost for children waiting for school buses and adult commuters while creating an outdoor public reactions advertising media for local, state and national businesses.

The shelters are 18 gauge steel buildings secured to 3,000 lb concrete bases and provide colorful 4’x8’ computer generated digital signs secured to the sides.

Each location is maintained on a regular monthly basis and each is fully covered by liability insurance protection.

Our History

Shelterall of Ohio was founded on May 8, 1961 as a franchise of Shelterall Corp. of Philadelphia by W.J.Strandwitz, Jr. In March of 1965, Shelterall of Ohio incorporated and registered as Ohio Shelterall Inc. and purchased its interest from Shelterall of Philadelphia to became a wholly owned Ohio Corporation.

On December 1, 1980, John and Phyllis Moore, longtime associates of Ohio Shelterall purchased the company.

In 1989 Moore Signs was created to produce the advertising displays used on the shelters and for retail sign customers. Today , the company is owned by two of their children. Steve Moore serves as President, and runs the day to day operations of the retail sign business. Tom Moore serves as Vice President, and leads the bus shelter advertising division.

GREAT MONTHLY RATES! For As Little As $2.50 a Day

  • 1 year - 2 year - 3 year contracts available.
  • Rates include posting of sign and maintenance costs. If a customers’ artwork requires excessive computer enhancement a rate of $85 per hour will apply.
  • If signs are damaged or vandalized we will repair or replace at no extra charge.
  • Copy changes on existing signs will be made at shop charges and a posting charge of $30.
  • OPTIONAL Reflective material for night-time display available at a one time charge of $125.
  • Commission to recognized agencies is in addition to above rates.
  • All rates guaranteed for the term of the contract.
  • Payments may be made on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.